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New home site for
Lum and Abner -
the Comic Strip!
As of June 1, 2013, Lum and Abner will be
home-based at a new site. Visit it by clicking
The "comic strip that grins while it talks" (it has an
audio version too) began its third year with
strip/audio #105 on Sunday, June 2, 2013. will continue carrying the
strip, but only one new edition each week, with a link
to the new site to assist those who need to find the
audio productions and/or previous strips.

The distribution of the comic strip will be handled by
its cartoonist, Donnie Pitchford, who can be
contacted by clicking

Thanks to everyone who made the first two years a
reality, and you're invited to join us for year three!

Previous entries about the Lum
and Abner
comic strip:

Lum and Abner and discussed in
Columbia Journalism Review!
CLICK HERE for this review, and be sure to click "Read more
about First Arkansas News" to display the entire story!

Kay Linaker tribute in Lum and Abner!
The actress Kay Linaker was our NLAS Convention guest in
1998, 2003 and 2005. In 2003 she performed two roles in our
script "Murder in Pine Ridge?" which was adapted in the
and Abner
comic strip. Parts of the 2003 recording featuring
this wonderful actress were incorporated into the audio
versions of the strips. These are not available online at the
present, but will be appearing soon (2013) as part of a
program produced by talented voice actor Joe Bevilaqua.

Cartoonist interviewed on September 26,
CLICK HERE to hear this "Panola Pride" radio interview.

Update: How to subscribe FREE to
Lum and Abner
You can now subscribe to receive Lum and Abner each week
in an e-mail from GoComics! The strip is being offered there
on a trial basis.
If it is successful, we might be offered a
contract for continued syndication.
Please visit HERE to sign up for a FREE subscription. The
more subscribers, the better, and I've had zero reports of any
spam problems. In fact, I've been a subscriber to their other
comics for several months. Of course, for the audio versions,
you still need to visit
here Those "hits" are important as well.
Thank you for helping us!

How did the comic strip get started?
I'm Donnie Pitchford, a co-founder of the National Lum and Abner
Society. I'm also the writer-cartoonist of
Lum and Abner, a comic
strip which debuted in 2011. This project was developed as a
commercial venture between myself, Ethan C. Nobles of and Chester Lauck Jr. who owns the Lum
and Abner franchise.

Lum and Abner comic strip is not a project of the National Lum
and Abner Society, but the other "ossifers" are supportive of the
endeavor and approve my using a few pages here for posting the
new strips.

This page will provide updates on the comic strip project as they
happen. First, however, I offer some background.

Lum and Abner made its debut with the first strip in May 2011. The
response was great, and soon sponsorship opportunities were
offered to individuals, organizations and companies.
Click here for more information on individual sponsorships.
At that time was only permitted to publish
one strip as an example of the series.

In June 2011, as part of the NLAS presentations at the annual Lum
and Abner Festival in Mena, Arkansas, a short video was screened
to showcase the first edition of the comic strip. More individuals
signed up as annual sponsors, and the response was so favorable
that we were given permission to publish the strip on a weekly
Click here to see the video version of the first comic strip.

Where can the comic strip be seen online?
Lum and Abner started to appear online each week in June 2011,
with a continuity entitled "Laziness, Thy Name is Abner." This
storyline concludes July 31, 2011. The second series will be
"Murder in Pine Ridge!" A murder? In Pine Ridge? Well, tune in
and see!
Click here to see the online version of the strip

How can blind people hear the strip?
One unique aspect of this comic strip is the audio version. Many
of our friends who are fans of old time radio are without sight. Due
to my friendship with several folks involved in Helping Hands for
the Blind (thanks to its leader Robert Acosta), I was aware that
many would be unable to read the strip, so I suggested to founder Ethan C. Nobles that we include
an audio version with each strip. I produce the voices, sound
effects, music and editing and adapt the content slightly, adding
some narration. This audio feature is available with each strip
thanks to a "Click to Listen" link.

Is the news getting out about this comic strip?
There have been numerous interviews and articles involving the
comic strip project. I will add new links to this section as they
become available.
Click here to read an interview in Jimbo's OTR Buffet
Click here to see and hear an interview on KGAS Radio.
SPERDVAC published an article in their July issue of
Click here to visit the SPERDVAC web site.
Patricia and Walden hosted an interview on their Saturday live
Click here to visit YUSA.
The Old Time Radio Researchers Group published articles on
and Abner
as both a radio show and a comic strip.
Click here to visit the OTRR site and subscribe free.

Can Lum and Abner be seen in printed form?
Beginning Thursday, July 28, 2011, Lum and Abner became a
weekly feature in
The Mena Star of Mena, Arkansas. If you would
like to subscribe to their paper by mail,
click here for contact information.  Tell them you're subscribing to
Lum and Abner if you decide to do so.

There are other printed versions forthcoming, and as soon as they
are official, I will post an update here.

Is there any other type of merchandise
You can buy coffee mugs in two sizes, tee shirts in all sizes and a
mouse pad in - well - one size. All of this is available through
Click here to visit and shop.

How can this project succeed?
We cannot produce this comic strip for free, strictly as a labor of
love. We have to pay royalties, and to be honest and I are trying to earn some income, just
as the actual
Lum and Abner radio show did, and just as any
publisher and cartoonist wish to do. We do not expect to become
wealthy, of course, and this is certainly a labor of love, but the
cold hard facts are we have financial obligations to meet. The
comic strip needs additional newspapers, corporate advertising,
small business sponsorships, and individual sponsorships.

How can we get Lum and Abner in our local
The best way to do this is contact the editors of your local
newspaper and request it. The syndication fee is very reasonable.
Chat with your friends, show them the strip, and get them
involved. Because of the requests by Mena, Pine Ridge, and Amity
area citizens of Arkansas,
Lum and Abner is published in The Mena
and The Amity Standard,so we know it works!

How can I stay updated about the comic strip?
You are invited to check this page regularly. Also, I am available
on Facebook as both "
Donnie Pitchford" and "Lum and Abner
Comic Strip Group." And please feel free to write comments on the Lum and Abner page. We know something
good is happening because the
Lum and Abner page is at the top
of the "Most Commented" list at FAN!

Thank you to everyone!
I truly am thankful to everyone who has written to comment on this
project. I know it's next to impossible to illustrate every person's
mental concepts of
Lum and Abner, but I will continue to strive for
improvement as we go along. To those who have invested
financially in the project, I am deeply grateful.
Click here to write to Donnie Pitchford.

CLICK HERE to hear the audio version of the strip at right.
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