UPDATES:  Sadly, Troy Boyd, Ted Theodore and Kay Linaker (Kate Phillips) have passed away.  Frank
Bresee is still producing radio programs.
Member Budd Bergman of Manhattan Beach, CA,
receives a TWO WEEKS TO LIVE movie poster for
traveling the longest distance to be present.
to chat with Cedric Weehunt, who amazes him with
heretofore hidden intellect!  "I am the founding
member of the Pine Ridge Chapter of Mensa,"
Cedric boasts.  Naturally, when L&A return to the
microphone, Cedric reverts to his former
personality, which is enough to drive Frank Bresee
"stark ravin' mad crazy!"  Finally, he can take no
more, and runs screaming from the store, leaving
L&A to assume "Mr. Breezy" must be "tetched!"
Following the imaginary fun and games, Mr. Bresee
conducted a fascinating discussion of many of the
radio personalities who crossed paths with L&A, all
of whom had been his guests on
The Golden Days
of Radio.  
We were treated to a behind-the-scenes
videotape depicting a rehearsal for a
Golden Days
of Radio
1991 Christmas special, which included
performances by 1930s
L&A alumni Les Tremayne
(Horlick's commercials) and Del Sharbutt
(WFAA/WBAP Dallas-Fort Worth announcer).
After lunch, the "ossifers" participated in a
rehearsal of a radio-style script featuring the
Thimble Theatre comic strip cast.  If that title is
unfamiliar to you, substitute the name "Popeye!"  
The NLAS will lend two of its "actors" to the 1998
Popeye Picnic, to be held in Chester, Illinois in
September.  (Write to Mike Brooks, Popeye Fan
Club, 1001 State Street, Chester, Illinois 62233 for
more information.)
"Our Miss Kate" (Kay Linaker/Kate Phillips) was the
star of the 5:00 p.m. presentation.  Her film career
was illustrated with video clips edited by "Uncle
Donnie," including highlights from
Charlie Chan in
Monte Carlo, Charlie Chan in Rio, Young Mr. Lincoln,
Drums Along the Mohawk
and Man About Town.  One
of the audience's favorite segments was Miss
Linaker's portrayal of Phil Harris' girlfriend in the
classic Jack Benny feature,
Buck Benny Rides
 It goes without saying that the favorite NLAS
Kay Linaker character was the evil Carmen, a.k.a.
Madge, from the 1943 Lum and Abner film
Weeks to Live
!  Finally, The Blob oozed its way onto
the screen, complete with some good-natured Pine
Ridge subtitles.  The NLAS is grateful to film
historian David Miller for supplying portions of our
video montage.
Tim Hollis created a new
L&A script designed to
bring the mysterious Carmen back into the lives of
our Pine Ridge pals once again.  Upon visiting Dick
Huddleston's post office, Carmen learns the
surprising fact that Abner Peabody was not blown
to bits in her scheme to defraud an insurance
company 55 years ago!  She immediately sets out to
"de-Abner" the world, fearing he could still pose a
threat to her.  All her traps and schemes fail,
forcing her to produce her ultimate weapon.  From
deep within a Mason jar oozes the one and only
BLOB!  Good must triumph over evil, of course,
and Mr. Blob attacks Miss Carmen, setting off a
chain reaction, in which the villainess becomes the
victim of her own traps:  coffee grinder
electrocution, washtub avalanche, etc.
Sam Brown handled the tricky live sound effects,
creating the noises of electrical zapping, wood and
nails being forced apart, doors opening, washtubs
crashing, and Blob gurgling!  Thanks to talented
Chuck Anders, we now have a perfect "bell ringer"
to recreate the familiar "party line" telephone of
Frank Bresee and Kate Linaker Phillips were the
deserving 1998 recipients of the Lum and Abner
Memorial Awards.  In addition, they were given gift
packs Pine Ridge honey, sorghum and barbecue
sauce by Kathy and Lon Stucker, curators of the
Lum and Abner Museum and Jot 'Em Down Store in
Pine Ridge.  Ted Theodore received a package of
these tasty products as well, being the winner of a
special drawing.  Loyal John "Grandpap" Knuppel
was recognized as the "perfect attendance"
member - he has been present at all 14 NLAS
Conventions!  Budd Bergman of Manhattan Beach,
California won the "longest distance traveled"
prize, a beautiful 1950 re-release poster from
Weeks to Live.  
To close the program, Troy Boyd
fiddled "...Down the Old Pine Tree" once again, and
was presented with an original 1938
Lum and Abner
in appreciation for his many years of
musical contributions.  Coincidentally, Mr. and Mrs.
Boyd were married in 1938; 60 years ago!  "Happy
Many attendees asked the "ossifers" just how we
are able to present such a convention, without
charging an admission fee.  As "Singin' Sam" has
often said, our conventions are for
you, the
members.  You make them possible, and I speak
for Sam Brown and Tim Hollis in saying thank you.  
Stay tuned to
The Jot 'Em Down Journal for details
on our next convention!

                            -  "Uncle Donnie" Pitchford
Frank Bresee and Kay Linaker were all smiles by the
time the Saturday evening program was finished.